Lifetime Legal – 2 Factor Authentication

As part of Lifetime Legal’s ongoing commitment to keeping client data secure, we have developed a new login process using 2 Factor authentication.

In future you will need a 6 digit code that is randomly generated by the Google Authenticator App in addition to your usual user name and password to use Lead Ladder, Proteus and the Portal.

You can get the App free at the Apple or Google App store by clicking below:


Step 1 – Download the App from the App Store
Step 2 – Go to your usual Lead Ladder, Proteus or Portal login screen
Step 3 – Open the Google Authenticator App and click the + button at the bottom of the screen
Step 4 – Capture the QR code displayed on the Lead Ladder, Proteus or Portal login screen

Every time you login in future just enter the 6 digit code displayed in your authenticator app along with your use name and password.